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Terms and Conditions


The Quotation remains valid if confirmed within 30 days from Quote date and are subject to availability.

Should this quotation be successful please contact us as soon as possible to ensure the relevant aircraft is held for your charter. Quotations are confirmed only when Air Frontier is in receipt of payment unless otherwise authorised by Air Frontier. Air Frontier accepts the following payment methods – Credit card (master card and Visa) or Direct Deposit. All unpaid bookings will be cancelled if payment is not received within 72 hours of Departure date.


Booking Conditions

Passengers are requested to abide by the requirement to check in for flights at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure  as this allows your pilot to finalise appropriate fuel load. Failure to observe this may result in a delay to departure time based on time required to load fuel onto the aircraft.

Although we will make every effort to take you to your destination  we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to achieve this due to weather or other operational restrictions. Where this may be an issue  the pilot will advise the passengers of the current conditions influencing the flight  using all available information at that time. Safety is always our top priority and will be prioritised over any schedule or restriction. 

If a flight can not reach destination due to weather and returns to its departure port  or any other port  payment for the flight will still be required in full and no refunds will be issued. Air Frontier staff will endeavour to provide the passengers updates on weather or operational restrictions that may affect the flight  however  this is not always an option as often weather restricting the flight may arise. Payment in full will be required regardless of if or whether the pilot is able to advise the client of any restrictions that may affect the flight.

All flights are subject to a risk assessment-based procedure  this assessment is an important part of the decision-making process as to whether flights will depart or not. The Pilot in command of the aircraft has absolute discretion  as to whether all or part of any flight shall proceed or not.


Waiting/overnight trips

Where a pilot is required to spend time on the ground waiting for a return journey, a comfortable rest area must be provided. Where the Pilot is required to overnight away from their base, the pilot must be provided with a private room and meals. Where applicable this may in arranged and included in the quotation price.


Delays, Refusal of Carriage & Cancellation by Air Frontier

Air Frontier reserves the right to refuse access to aircraft by persons in accordance with various Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulations  orders and requirements of the Civil Aviation Act. Air Frontier reserves the right to refuse carriage of passengers that are drunk/disorderly  appear drunk/disorderly  are abusive to staff members  and/or if Air Frontier staff deem them unfit to travel and/or pose a risk to flight safety.

Air Frontier reserves the right to change and substitute aircraft  aircraft type and registration. Air Frontier reserves the right to  cross hire aircraft  crew  and any other staff without prior notice. Air Frontier reserves the right to postpone  cancel or redirect the flight due to war  warlike events  strikes  civil war  civil unrest  riots  sabotage  quarantine  hijacking  terrorist actions  weather conditions or other force majeure of the nature  technical reason  detention or similar measures  accidents with the aircraft  or due to any other factors over which Air Frontier has no control  or when the safety of the passengers or the crew from the aircraft can reasonably be assessed to be in danger  at the discretion of the Pilot(s) or of Air Frontier personnel.

Air Frontier reserves the right to cancel a booking in the event that an aircraft becomes unserviceable/unavailable before/during a flight  and/or if an unforeseen crew change prevents the flight from being carried out. Air Frontier reserves the right to cancel a booking in the event that circumstances outside our control cause us to not be able to operate the booking/flight in a safe and/or legal manner.

We do not assume any responsibility for costs incurred by customers due to cancellation  redirection  delays  and/or changes to flight.


Payloads quoted are an approximation and may vary due to aircraft changes and/or weather requirements. Passenger uplift numbers are dependent on the actual weights of the passengers. Please note that these weights will be subject to actual passenger weights  freight and fuel holdings as required. Where passenger numbers have been given in a quote  these have been calculated according to an average passenger weight of 86kg. Whilst a payload is provided in kg  all freight and baggage must fit within the physical dimensions of the aircraft baggage area. Once the aircraft baggage storage area has reached capacity then it is deemed that payload has been achieved  regardless of the payload in kg quoted. The safe carriage of baggage and freight is always at the sole discretion of the pilot in command  the carriage of excess baggage will be at the expense of the customer.

Flight cancellation by customer

Cancellation of a confirmed flight must be in writing and sent to . A confirmation of cancellation will be sent by return email within 48 hours. If you do not receive confirmation please contact Operations on 08 8945 0777.

If you must cancel a flight subsequent to booking confirmation  the following scale of charges will apply:

  • After booking  but more than 24 hours prior to departure: No charge / full refund (minus fees)

  • Within 24 hours or failure to travel without notice (No Show): 100% of total cost

  • Prior agreement with customer: as per agreement.

  • Cancellation due to border closure or restriction (with more than 24 hours notice from customer to Air Frontier): No charge / full refund (minus fees)

  • Cancellation due to border closure or restriction (Less than 24 hours notice from customer to Air Frontier): Full charge (except in exceptional circumstances)



Wait time

Waiting time is usually included in original quotation when waiting time is requested. Unless specified in the quotation (or in contract document) all unscheduled waiting time >1 hours will incur a $100 (inc GST) charge per hour over to a maximum charge of 5 hours wait time per day.



Phone: (08) 8945 0777
After Hours Phone: 0437 450 777

Gove Base: 0437 717 777  email

Maningrida Base: 0437 767 777  email

Groote Eylandt Base: 0437 727 777  email

Accounts Phone: 08 8988 4777
Accounts email:




We accept Direct deposit  EFT  Credit card  Basic Card  AMEX  and Cash payments. Other methods may be arranged if required.

For card payments a surcharge may apply as follows:

MasterCard credit: 1.5%

MasterCard debit: 0.9%

Visa credit: 1.5%

Visa debit: 0.9%

Amex/JCB: 4%

Diners: 0.1%

Eftpos: 0.02%

UPI credit: 1.5%

UPI debit: 0.8%

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