Scenic Flights and Tours

          Air Frontier offer a range of scenic flights and air adventures. We are unique in the fact that we can tailor and combine trips to create a unique trip perfect for you.


2.5 Hour Kakadu Scenic

The 2.5 hour Kakadu Scenic Flight is one of the most spectacular and unforgettable ways to view the natural splendour of the Kakadu National Park from the air. 

$790 pp*

*minimum 2 passengers


1 Hour Darwin Area Scenic

The 1 hour Darwin Area Scenic Flight is the best way to take in the beauty of the Darwin area from the air and would add a unforgettable experience to your trip.

$295 pp*

*minimum 2 passengers


Half Day Tiwi Art Tour

Depart from Darwin following the scenic route over the Vernon Islands to Wurrimayanga Community, where you will spend 2-3 hours at the Art Centre exploring the beauty and culture of Tiwi Art. This is the perfect tour for enthusiasts wishing to purchase art.

$550 pp*

*minimum 2 passengers - Price TBC