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Safety and Quality Policy

This Safety and Quality Policy applies to all employees of Air Frontier its associated companies, its contractors and Customers


Air Frontier is committed to developing and improving strategies, management systems and processes to ensure our aviation activities uphold the highest level of safety and quality that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements and customer expectations.


Air Frontier embraces a formal Safety & Quality Management System that provides a professional operating environment ensuring the continuing airworthiness of any maintenance being carried out.


Safety is our highest priorities and all employees are actively encouraged to exercise their responsibility in the knowledge that they have the full support of the company.


Air Frontier is committed to:

  • Properly investigating reported incidents, accidents and hazards.

  • Ensuring employees are provided with adequate and appropriate information and training.

  • Are competent in safety matters and are only allocated tasks matching their skills.

  • Clearly defining employee’s accountabilities and responsibilities in developing and delivering aviation safety.

  • Providing employee’s with the necessary means to ensure the performance of their duties includes the capability to comply with all procedures, regulations and safety standards.

  • The provision of appropriate safety and quality management systems are administered by skilled and trained resources.

  • Enhance the skills of employees through review and on-going training.

  • Promote a culture of quality and safety, through internal audits, management review and identifying appropriate corrective and preventative actions.

  • Minimise risks associated with operating aircraft to as low as reasonably practicable and achievable.

  • Ensure externally supplied systems and services that may impact upon the safety of our operation meet the appropriate safety standards.

Safety relies on the participation of all involved and Air Frontier is

committed to continuous improvement.


We encourage our employees, contractors and passengers to contribute with ongoing safety by rectifying or reporting any threat to safety they may identify.









Air Frontier - Director                                      Date

Geoffrey W Hunt

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