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What is "Payload"?

- Payload refers to the weight allowance you have available. This includes baggage and each individual persons weight. payload is usually more limiting than seat numbers. (i.e. you may have 7 seats available and 550kg payload. If your passengers weight 90kg each with 10kg baggage, you will only be able to take 5 people.) 

What is "Seats"?

- In email quotes, the "seats" number is how many passenger seats are available. We do not include the pilot seat in this figure.  

What is "Single engine / Twin engine"?

- A lot of people have a preference on the type of aircraft they fly. To allow you to make a choice that best suits you (if you have a particular aircraft requirement) we indicate how many engines the aircraft is powered by. "Single engine" indicates that the aircraft is powered by one engine. "Twin engine" indicates that the aircraft is powered by two engines. Usually Single engine aircraft are more economical, while Twin engine aircraft are faster. We beleive both types of aircraft are as safe as each other as every critically important system on our aircraft is doubled for redundancy.

When do I check in?

- Please check in 30 minutes prior to departure.

Where do I check in?

- Darwin: Air Frontier Terminal, 7 Murphy Drive, Darwin Airport

- Gove: Air Frontier Terminal to the left of the main terminal

- All other airstrips: At the gate/airstrip boundary. This is usually well marked or fairly obvious. 

- If you have trouble finding the location to check in, please call the office as we are more than happy to assist.

How do I book a charter?

- To Book a charter, the recommended method is to request a quote in writing first, once you decide to proceed with the quote, respond to us requesting to book. We will send you your booking details. Payment can be made when convinient before your charter departs.

How do I request a quote?

- Please send us an email with your request. Please include the following details:

- Date:

- Route:

- Preffered departure time/s:

- How many passengers:

- Estimated weight/payload requirment(if known):

How and when do I make payment?

- Payment is not required to secure an booking, and typically not required until check in, but must be made before departure. To make payment, just advose us when you would like to pay, whether that be at the time of booking, a couple of weeks before, or even at check in. We aim to be as flexible as possible.

- Payment Methods: 

Before the day of departure: Bank Transfer, EFT Card over phone or Cash/Card in person

On the day of departure: Card over phone, Cash/Card in person

Where do we fly?

- We specialise in the Top End but can and do fly nearly anywhere in Australia. 

What sort of luggage can I bring?

- You can bring nearly anything, however, we do have a couple of recommendations.

- Suitcases: Soft sided bags or small suitcases are strongly recommended over large hard cases. A large suitcase will reduce the amount of luggage and people that can fit into an aircraft.

- Bulky Freight: let us know in advance so we can ensure your aircraft suits your needs

- Dangerous Goods: We are approved for Dangerous Goods, however, you must notify us in advance and the item must be appropiatley packed and certified with a "Shippers Decleration" from an approved person.

How to Book a Charter
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