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Cessna C207 Super Skywagon

               The Cessna C207 Super Skywagon is a single-engined, general aviation aircraft with fixed landing gear designed and built by Cessna for the general aviation market. Normally fitted with a 300hp TIO-520 Continental engine, some of our fleet are fitted with the 310hp TIO-550 Continental engine, which features smoother running, and an increased cruise speed. Developed from the hugely popular Cessna 206, the Cessna 207 was targeted at the air taxi market and personal/family transport use with 626 of this variant being produced between 1977 and 1984. With its proven track record, powerful engine, rugged construction and a large cabin, it makes them popular "bush planes" and they continue to prove a popular choice in general aviation.


               The Cessna 207 is fitted with up to seven seats in total(including pilot seat). They also include a nose locker forward of the cabin, which is unusual for single engine aircraft. Air Frontier currently operate two of this type from our Darwin base. 

               The Cessna 207 can be configured for passenger and/or cargo transport. It is a very capable freighter aircraft, with passenger seats easily removed to convert the aircraft to a cargo configuration. With double doors located behind the wing, bulky freight can easily be accommodated. This aircraft can accommodate any and all types of freight including bulky items, dangerous goods, live animals, regular freight, essential freight for emergency situations, and more. It proves to be popular with mines due to its ability to carry large, heavy, bulky items much cheaper than most other aircraft.

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